5 Star Customer Reviews

Claire Mills


This product is easy to apply and has amazing results.


Nicola Murray

Great product

I was really nervous about using an oil serum on my combination skin thinking it would make it worse. I read somewhere that if your skin is producing excess oil it van be a sign of dehydration. This product has reset the balance in my skin, definitely recommend it!


Patricia Cornick


I use this night and morning under my normal moisturiser, it certainly makes a difference. My skin is feeling really smooth.


Barbara Jones 

Excellent Product

Suits me fine, I will continue to use price permitting


Carol Maynard


Although this product seems pricey it is great value as only a few drops are needed and it lasts a long time. Excellent on my ageing skin. (Aged 55)


Annette A. Davidson

Rescue for the skin!

This is a super product; non-oily and is absorbed by my skin immediately. The skin can become very dehydrated from harsh weather, sun, wind and cold,, central heating etc. this product is a light weight tonic for the skin, which I apply at night. One of my must have's now.


Sarah Mitchell

Super serum

A brilliant product as are all if the pinks products


Joanna Barthorpe

Works a Treat

I have been using this product now for over 12 months - now on my third bottle. At age 55 and still have the oily T Zone I have found anti ageing creams too gloopy - a few drops of the oil warmed up in my hands and lightly massaged in wakes up the skin and adds that necessary oil to the cheeks whilst not exacerbating the T Zone - works for me!


Tricia Hampshire


I love this product mainly because it is so gentle that I I can apply right up to my very sensitive eyes.


Linda Borkin

Love it!

This serum is simply beautiful, It absorbs straight into the skin it feels and smells like luxury in a bottle. I love it!


Judith Mason

Luxurious oil that absorbs well and leaves skin feeling very smooth

This serum is a luxurious oil that is not greasy and is really lovely to massage into face and neck. I have been using it morning and night before my normal moisturising cream and it has made my skin look and feel smoother. It helps to protect my skin from the effects of the weather. Beautiful product.