How to Use

After cleansing and toning in the evening you can:



  • It can be used on it’s own as your moisturiser ( advised for dehydrated younger skins for a skin treatment)
  • or as a serum under Pinks Boutique Night/ Rose Balm/ Moisturiser every night (advised for dry, anti-age mature skins.)
  • Apply as quickly as possible after your toner to trap the skin drink toner in.
  • Use 3-4 drops on your face  2-3 drops on your neck. Put remainder onto your chest and or back of your hands
  • Dotted on Eyes as eye cream
  • Watch our how to apply video to see Kirstie do it!


  • It can be used in the morning, not just at night. If you are applying makeup over the top of it put a light dusting of powder on before your foundation as it will leave a little sheen. It works well with a mineral powder makeup.
  • The serum is also excellent to mix into your Lemongrass and Camellia Moisturiser or Ocha and Rosehip moisturiser at any point your skin goes through a ‘dry tight phase’ or for the 3- 4 weeks at the start of each season change.